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Building Skills For A Successful Future
Training To Achieve


At ASPIRE academy we provide and deliver:


dynamic and engaging summer Academy Programmes for Teenagers

Promoting and developing key life skills to ensure successful and flourishing futures.

practical workshops for Parents with Young Children

Developing key interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills for young children.



Would you like your teenager to flourish? Learn the vital life skills to be successful? Mix with other dedicated and ambitious peers? Develop leadership qualities?

ASPIRE Teen Academy is an exciting and dynamic 5 day summer programme for teenagers aged 13-17. Our programmes are specially designed to further enhance:

  • Communication Skills & Creative Expression
  • Self-confidence & Well-being Management
  • Study Skills & Future Ambitions

Our students learn and put into practice the practical life skills they will use each day to make their own successes.

They become confident that they can work to attain whatever goal they set their sights on whilst maintaining a strong sense of personal well-being.

They begin to lay the foundations for building the life of their dreams.


Are you a busy parent who would you like to learn some practical and simple strategies to build your child’s confidence, develop their communication skills and support their emotional well-being?

ASPIRE deliver workshops and one to one advice for parents of young children, providing parents with expert guidance in supporting their children’s language development, communication skills and positive emotional development in order to build their confidence to become successful and thriving individuals in the future.

We offer practical workshops and one to one programmes for parents of young children focusing on: 

  • Supporting your child’s communication and language skills.
  • Developing positive behaviour at home and school.
  • Supporting positive social and emotional development.


School-based Programmes for Students

ASPIRE provides bespoke school-based programmes in the areas of:

  • Well-Being Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Creative Expression
  • Study Skills
  • Career Development


What our graduates say about ASPIRE

I feel I am a lot more confident than I used to be.

I think I know now what I really want to do in my future.

Conor and Camilla were really helpful and fun to work with.

It was very interesting learning about my brain.

Learning how to breathe properly really helped me relax.

I have more confidence than I thought.

I can relax better and get rid of stress.

The study skills will be very helpful.

I loved trying out the famous speeches.

The drama games were great fun!

What parents say about ASPIRE:

Great feedback from Darragh. He said it’s brilliant!

Allanah really loved the course. She was very animated talking about it when she came home. She would have loved if it lasted a few more days!

Leona really enjoyed the ASPIRE Academy. She liked everything about it: the facilitators, the other participants, and the variety of areas covered.

Leah said the course was excellent. She thinks the study skills and mindfulness exercises which she didn’t know about before will be very helpful next year.

My son found the course very beneficial. It seemed to really help his confidence. He enjoyed the public speaking a lot more than he expected!

When I met Conor and Camilla, they were warm, energetic and professional. Aoife really enjoyed the different aspects of the course and getting to know the other participants. I wish ASPIRE every success for the future. It’s a fantastic idea!

Are you interested to learn about how your child develops language and communication skills?

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