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Camilla Marks

Camilla Marks is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) with a Master of Psychology Degree from Trinity College Dublin. She is also a qualified primary school teacher, currently working with the Department of Education as a Behaviour Advisor. Camilla holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Trinity College Dublin, as well as a Teaching Skills for Acting Diploma from the Chelsea and Kensington College in London. She is also a former graduate of The Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin. Camilla has been working in area of Education and Continuous Professional Development Training for Teachers since 2002. She has also been working as an advisor to parents since 2003 in the areas of positive social and emotional development and language and communication development.


Conor Clune

Conor Clune holds a Business and Law Degree from University College Dublin. He began his professional life in the corporate world of financial services. Later an interest in education and well-being lead him to return to study at university. He achieved his current teaching qualifications from both UCD and Hibernia College. His work as a teacher inspired Conor to pursue the use of mindfulness practices to enhance well-being and learning among his students. Conor is also a qualified “Rainbows” facilitator, and has worked with young teenagers who have experienced bereavement, separation and other painful life transitions.


Why we established ASPIRE


While Conor and Camilla acknowledge and celebrate the positive effects of the rise in technology, they strongly believe that the resultant over-reliance on cyber-sociability has affected the development of some core interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, vital for optimum self-development.

Through ASPIRE Academy, Camilla and Conor have designed a series of training programmes for teenagers and parents of young children. These programmes are delivered primarily in small group workshop-type formats. However, person-to-person training and one to one parent consultations are also provided.

Programmes focus on a variety of areas, including communication skills, self-confidence, mindfulness and study skills. The overall approach to training and skills development at ASPIRE embraces a philosophy dedicated to the cultivation of individual well-being in the rising tide of a continuously ‘plugged-in’ cyber world.


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