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Building Skills For A Successful Future
Training To Achieve


Achieve – Succeed – Perform –Inspire – Reflect – Excel

ASPIRE Teen Academy is an exciting and dynamic summer camp for teenagers aged 13-17. Our programmes are specially designed to further enhance:

  • Communication Skills & Creative Expression
  • Self-confidence & Well-being Management
  • Study Skills & Future Ambitions

Our students learn and put into practice the practical life skills they will use each day to make their own successes.

They become confident that they can work to attain whatever goal they set their sights on whilst maintaining a strong sense of personal well-being.

They begin to lay the foundations for building the life of their dreams.


 Communication Skills, Confidence and Creative Expression

Do thoughts about these situations make you feel uncomfortable?

  • Speaking in front of an audience
  • Giving a presentation
  • Sitting an interview
  • Doing an oral exam
  • Walking into a group where you don’t know anyone

Many well-known, confident people, including some great public speakers have moments of panic before they step onto the stage but they know how to manage their anxiety and speak with confidence and charisma.

You will learn to:

  • Use the techniques used by professionals to harness any nervous energy in order to speak confidently, even if you feel you’re shy.
  • Appreciate the importance of body language and use it to your advantage.
  • Improve your voice tone and articulation when speaking privately or publically.
  • Organise your thoughts and get your points across clearly.

We will also give you the opportunity to:

  • Experience a range of dramatic and improvisational activities.
  • Practice delivering a famous historical speech.
  • Role-Play a character as part of a simulated media event.
  • Engage in various vocal improvement exercises.

You will be given the tools to develop important life skills to enable you to become the most charismatic, engaging and confident person you can be.

Managing Well-being and Building Confidence

Would you like to develop life-long skills to ensure you live a life that flourishes?

Our approach to training and skills development at ASPIRE embraces a philosophy dedicated to the cultivation of Well-Being.

When we are flourishing, we are curious and eager to learn. We develop both the intrapersonal and  interpersonal skills to become:

  • Creative and Imaginative
  • Connected and empathetic
  • Good team players
  • Confident about who we are
  • Resilient and Persistent
  • Positive about how we see ourselves.


You will learn to:

  • Identify and manage situations that make you anxious or unhappy.
  • Find, deep inside yourself, the resources you need to cope and flourish.
  • Lay the foundations for lifelong practice to become stronger and more confident, day after day. 
  • Identify and reflect on your core individual strengths and resilient qualities that will support your long-term well-being.

We will guide you through different approaches and strategies, including mindfulness practices and well-being accounting techniques, to help you manage your own well-being, cope with difficult situations and build yourself back up after a setback by increasing your mental resilience.

Study Skills & Future Ambitions

When it comes to study and exams do you find that you….

  • Waste a lot of time and energy worrying?
  • Keep putting off studying until later?
  • Just copy out large sections of your textbook?
  • End up “Cramming” at the last minute?
  • Forget a lot of what you’ve learnt within a few days?

You will learn to:

  • Plan your study smartly and successfully
  • Remove distractions and reduce stress
  • Painlessly increase concentration and focus
  • Manage your time for optimum achievement
  • Apply useful exam techniques

We will also help you to:

  • Consider possibilities for your future career.
  • Choose subjects and extra-curricular activities wisely.
  • Build your confidence to pursue your life’s dream.
  • Identify and research a leading university for future study.
  • Research the career path of a famous, successful and influential person.
  • Identify and consider the personal attributes that contribute to successful futures.


What our graduates said about this course:

I feel I am a lot more confident than I used to be.

I think I know now what I really want to do in my future.

Conor and Camilla were really helpful and fun to work with.

It was very interesting learning about my brain.

Learning how to breathe properly really helped me relax.

I have more confidence than I thought.

I can relax better and get rid of stress.

The study skills will be very helpful.

I loved trying out the famous speeches.

The drama games were great fun!

What parents said:

Great feedback from Darragh. He said it’s brilliant!

Allanah really loved the course. She was very animated talking about it when she came home. She would have loved if it lasted a few more days!

Leona really enjoyed the ASPIRE Academy. She liked everything about it: the facilitators, the other participants, and the variety of areas covered.

Leah said the course was excellent. She thinks the study skills and mindfulness exercises which she didn’t know about before will be very helpful next year.

My son found the course very beneficial. It seemed to really help his confidence. He enjoyed the public speaking a lot more than he expected!

When I met Conor and Camilla, they were warm, energetic and professional. Aoife really enjoyed the different aspects of the course and getting to know the other participants. I wish ASPIRE every success for the future. It’s a fantastic idea!

School-based Programmes for Students

ASPIRE provides school-based programmes in the areas of:

  • Well-Being Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Creative Expression
  • Study Skills
  • Career Development

Programmes for Parents

We offer programmes to parents of young children, focusing on the following key areas:

Parents-Early Childhood

  • Developing positive behaviour at home and school
  • Supporting positive social and emotional development
  • Supporting your child’s communication and language skill


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